About Us

Following in the footsteps of his parents – John and Mary – Ambrose McSparron is an Independent Funeral Director, based in Carnlough, Co. Antrim, where the family have been in the undertaking business since 1927.


We believe that a funeral should be a personal and special occasion, where you dictate what happens. Whether you need to make the Funeral Arrangements for a loved one now, or would like to make your own Funeral Plans, we hope that you find these pages useful.


There are many choices open to you. You may want a very traditional type of Funeral, or one that includes some different options – whatever your wishes, we can help you to create a Special Funeral that meets your exact requirements.

You may wish to have a Non-Religious (Secular / Humanist) or Semi-Religious funeral ceremony. But if you would prefer a traditional Religious service, we can also help.

As well as offering conventional Veneered and Solid Wood Coffins and Caskets, we also provide a range of Environmentally-Friendly options such as Cardboard Coffins, Willow Coffins, Bamboo Coffins and Pine Caskets. And even Painted Coffins.

There are also lots of choices for your transport, from the traditional Black Hearse, to the Vintage Hearse.

And whether you want Cremation, Traditional Burial, or Burial in a Woodland Burial Ground, we can help you with your plans, or arrangements.

Where we work

Ambrose McSparron Funeral Director, mainly works in the North East regin of County Antrim. But we may also be able to help you with your funeral needs if you live in another part of the country. However, our charges for working in other areas are generally higher.


We believe that you need to know the cost of various funeral options if you are to be able to make informed choices. Please contact us for full information.

Contact Us

If you need our help now, or would like to talk to someone about any queries that you have, please call us on (028) 2888 5237. If you would prefer to e-mail us, please write to info@ambrosemcsparron.com Or, if you would prefer we could call with you. Again please ask.